Thursday, May 26, 2011

My animals

So I'm the proud "mommy" of 3 furbabies and 1 scalebaby. I'm also a foster "mommy" to my best friend/sister Amanda's 3 ferrets. I just thought I'd share pictures of my animals!

First up is SoCo SoCute (yes I named her after Southern Comfort lol) and she is an American Pit Bull Terrier. She was born in October 2007.

Next is Ambrosia RebelGrl, she is also an APBT and was born May 2007. I got her 5 months after I got SoCo. She is missing an eye because her previous owners had an older pitbull who attacked her and bit her in the eye (she was only 10 months old) and it had to be surgically removed. She is my clown and likes to get herself into mischief, as proven by the picture! I don't know how she got into the KittyKube but it took us 5 minutes to get her out of it! (She's the one who was mentioned in my previous post Dogs and Microwaves.)

Ambrosia and Soco together-

Then there is Aphrodite who is a gray tabby and was born on March 28, 2010. She really loves to "hide"!!!! (Yes she got herself into the soda box!)

Finally there is Scarlet, a lavender albino California King Snake. I received her as a Christmas present (2010) from the guy I was dating at the time. I believe she's about 2 years old, not really sure though but I do know that she is now almost 3 feet long!

There are also Amanda's ferrets- Sasami, Ryoki, and Rayoko. They are so much fun to watch and play with!

I don't have any real kids of my own (yet) but I'm perfectly happy in the meantime being mommy to all of these animals! Have you given your pets a hug and kiss today?

Dogs and Microwaves

So the funniest conversation happened today... I decided to make a turkey dog and cooked it in the microwave for too long and accidentally blew it up so my conversation with Nikki was as follows.... (keep in mind this was completely out of the blue and I forgot to tell her I was going to go fix myself something to eat)

(Nikki's talking about something else)
Steph: I blew up my dog
Nikki: ummm what?
Steph: my turkey dog silly! =))
Nikki: ohhhh
Nikki: in the microwave?
Steph: geesh blonde much?
Steph: yes lol
Nikki: lol
Nikki: well i send that and then you say you blew up your dog
Nikki: and i know you have 2...
Steph: do you really think i'd say "lol" if i blew up one of my actual dogs???
Steph: geesh, i'm not that messed up! lol
Nikki: lol
Nikki: that's yet to be determined

hehehe and then later today....

Steph: ok brb, hopefully i dont blow up my dog again
Nikki: hahaha
Steph: you should blog that! lol
Steph: well i semi blew it up this time lol
Nikki: well, ambrosia...she let you live...but next time you do whatever you did...she's gonna blow your brains out
Steph: lol

Ambrosia is one of my dogs and that is just another crazy conversation with my best friend/sister lol.